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Cloud Staff Books is like having a part-time CFO who not only keeps track of the records and handles the busywork but also makes sense of the data and provides valuable insights into what is going on. 

Focus on whats important to you and your business

You didn't get into business to do paperwork. Let us help you get back to the important things that grow your bottom line. 


Our Services

Your account manager will run a system and process specific to your business in order to efficiently handle all your bookkeeping and administrative needs while also providing our expert guidance so you understand exactly where you stand and where you are going.  


Alexis Lloyd

Co-Owner of IHS Plumbing

Cloud Staff Books saved the day!! The processes and oversight has given our plumbing business a new lease on life. Cash flow was a critical issue we always were dealing with. Not having that headache has made my life so much easier.

Dean Harris

Founder of Harris Pest Control

It's so awesome not having to deal with collecting payments anymore. Now I spend my time focusing on stuff that actually grows my business instead of just busywork. I will recommend you to those I work with for sure. 

Kat Hayes

Owner of HBS Cleaning Services

I think the thing I find most valuable about Cloud Staff Books is the feeling of being in control. I know exactly where we are at where we are going and if we get off track I know immediately and I know why. This kind of control is so helpful.  

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